HP Officejet 6100 - Information on ink cartridges and the printhead

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Information on ink cartridges and the printhead

The following tips help maintain HP ink cartridges and ensure consistent print quality.

The instructions in this user guide are for replacing ink cartridges, and are not
intended for first time installation.

CAUTION: While ink cartridges are not damaged when left outside of the
printer, the printhead does need to have all cartridges installed at all times
after the printer is set up and in use. Leaving one or more cartridge slots
empty for an extended period may lead to print quality problems and possibly
damage the printhead. If you have recently left a cartridge out of the printer
for an extended period, or if you have had a recent paper jam, and have
noticed poor print quality, clean the printhead. For more information, see
Clean the printhead.

Keep all ink cartridges in the original sealed packages until they are needed.

Be sure to turn off the printer properly. For more information, see Turn the printer

Store ink cartridges at room temperature (15-35° C or 59-95° F).

Always turn off the printer by pressing (Power) button. Wait until the Power
light turns off before unplugging the power cord or turning off a power strip. If you
improperly turn off the printer, the print carriage might not return to the correct
position, and that can cause problems with the printhead and print quality issues.

Do not clean the printhead unnecessarily. This wastes ink and shortens the life of
the cartridges.

Work with ink cartridges


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Handle ink cartridges carefully. Dropping, jarring, or rough handling during
installation can cause temporary printing problems.

If you are transporting the printer, do the following to prevent ink leaking from the
printer or other damage from occurring to the printer:

Make sure you turn off the printer by pressing (Power) button. Wait until
all sounds of internal motion stop before unplugging the printer. For more
information, see Turn the printer off.

Make sure you leave the ink cartridges installed.

Place the printer sitting flat in the box during packing. During transportation,
the printer should be stored in the same position (sitting flat) and should not
be placed on its side, back, front, or inverted.

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