HP Officejet 6100 - Solve wireless problems

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Solve wireless problems

This section provides information about solving problems you might encounter when
connecting the printer to your wireless network.
Follow these suggestions in order, starting with those listed in the “Basic wireless
troubleshooting” section. If you still encounter problems, follow the suggestions
provided in the “Advanced wireless troubleshooting” section.

Basic wireless troubleshooting

Advanced wireless troubleshooting

After resolving the problems

TIP: For more information about troubleshooting wireless problems, visit

TIP: If you are using a computer running Windows, HP provides a tool called HP
Home Network Diagnostic Utility that can help retrieve this information for some
systems. To use this tool, visit the HP Wireless Printing Center www.hp.com/go/
wirelessprinting, and then click Network Diagnostic Utility in the Quick Links
section. (At this time, this tool might not be available in all languages.)

NOTE: After you resolve the problem, follow the instructions in After resolving the