HP Officejet 6100 - The printer is not responding (nothing prints)

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The printer is not responding (nothing prints)

There are print jobs stuck in the print queue
Open the print queue, cancel all documents, and then reboot the computer. Try to print
after the computer reboots. Refer to the Help system for the operating system for more

Check the printer setup
For more information, see General troubleshooting tips and resources.

Check the HP software installation
If the printer is turned off when printing, an alert message should appear on your
computer screen; otherwise, the HP software provided with the printer might not be
installed correctly. To resolve this, uninstall the HP software completely, and then
reinstall the HP software. For more information, see Uninstall and reinstall the HP

Solve printer problems


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Check the cable connections

Make sure both ends of the USB cable or Ethernet cable are secure.

If the printer is connected to a network, check the following:

Check the Link light on the back of the printer.

Make sure you are not using a phone cord to connect the printer.

Check any personal firewall software installed on the computer
The personal software firewall is a security program that protects a computer from
intrusion. However, the firewall might block communication between the computer and
the printer. If there is a problem communicating with the printer, try temporarily
disabling the firewall. If the problem persists, the firewall is not the source of the
communication problem. Re-enable the firewall.