HP Officejet 6100 - Blank or partial page printed

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Blank or partial page printed

Clean the printhead
Complete the printhead cleaning procedure. For more information, see Clean the
printhead. The printhead may need to be cleaned if the printer was turned off

NOTE: Incorrectly turning off the printer can cause print quality problems like
blank or partial pages. Printhead cleaning can solve these problems, but turning off
the printer correctly can prevent them in the first place. Always turn the printer off
by pressing (Power) button on the printer. Wait until the Power light goes out
before unplugging the power cord or turning off a power strip.

Check the media settings

Make sure you select the correct print quality settings in the printer driver for the
media loaded in the trays.

Make sure the page settings in the printer driver match the page size of media
loaded in the tray.

Solve printer problems


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More than one page is being picked
For more information, see Solve paper-feed problems.

There is a blank page in the file
Check the file to make sure there is no blank page.